Amazing new way to play many different sports on modified decks of Bond Sports Playing Cards. Each deck of playing cards also can be used to play any traditional regular card game you play now. Young, old or in between; family, friends and guests will have plenty of fun, excitement,amusement,entertainment and most of all togetherness throughout the New Millennium playing Bond Sports Playing Cards. Super gift for any occasion. All decks of playing cards start at the low price of 19.95 + Shipping.

Bond Table Sports Games

Millions of people around the world love sports. Now sporting enthusiast can play “Bondsports Playing Cards”.

These decks of cards are unique one of a kind modified playing cards that allow anyone who enjoys playing, watching or attending sporting events to play the following sports. Each individual card is change as to allow them to accomplish a move or play associated with that particular sport, to include making an offensive or defensive move play.

Anyone who has a basic understanding of the following sports can play them with little or no instructions


The directions/instructions on how to play Bond Sports Playing Cards.

  1. Player one of four deals 13 cards to each player, and plays the first card.
  2. Player two has three options, play a card with no value; play a card to subtract from the value of the card the dealer played or play a card that his partner can add too.
  3. Player three the dealers partner has the same options as player two.
  4. Player four the partner of player two also has the same options but has the final play for that sequence.
  5. This is repeated until all 13 cards are played.
  6. The dealer is rotated so that each player deals twice, total of eight times two for each player.
  7. Each card has a value on it to add points offense to help your partner or subtract points defense from your opponents score.
  8. Remember to keep score after each 8 sequence deals. The team with the high score wins.


You can always modify how you would like to change the rules, only if all players agree. Have fun